The Talon


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The talon of a Bald Eagle has ten times the strength of a human hand. Nothing, it seems, can outperform what God created in nature. Perhaps that is why this particular knife resonates with strength and versatility. After all, this Talon is also a product of nature…
The handle of your choice is carved from precious wood. Its blade, a precise blend of earth elements, is fused by fire and shaped by stone.

Creative muscle—under the direction of a critical eye—eventually shapes these natural articles into a functional work of art. Whether you use it in the woods, display it in a glass case, or both, The Talon is what everyone envisions when imagining the perfect hunting knife. It comes with its very own leather sheath.

With a 4.25 inch handle and a 3.25 inch blade of 9cr14MoV stainless steel,
The Talon has an overall length of 7.5 inches and is pictured above with a handle of Spalted Curly Mango.

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Thuya Burl, Wenge, White Oak, Zebrawood, Yellow Box Burl, Mesquite, Walnut, Spalted Pecan, Red Oak, Purple Heart, African Pink Ivory, Osage Orange, Tulipwood, Maple, Mahogany, Leopardwood, Cypress, Coolibah Burl, Cherry, California Buckeye Burl, Box Elder Burl, Bocote, Black Ash Burl, Birdseye Maple, African Blackwood, Curly Koa, Brazilian Kingwood, Desert Ironwood

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