Introducing: The Heritage Collection

Customized, antique, or vintage woods provided by you and your family to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

You send us the wood, we make your knife! 



Step 1

You Choose The Wood

A piece of wood from an old baseball bat, a slat from the barn door on granddaddy’s farm, mama’s rolling pin you sent to the attic years ago, the handle from daddy’s old saw or his hammer or shovel or shotgun, a piece of the tree that was planted the day someone was born… The list goes on and on, but any small piece of wood infused with special memories will do.   You choose the wood and send it to the address we provide.


Step 2

You Pick The Style

From the styles available, you choose the blade.  Remember—the handle material will be provided by you—most likely from a treasured, but forgotten piece of your family’s past. 


Step 3

Austin Creates Your Knife

Once I know your blade style selection and have the wood you have chosen in hand, it will be time for me to get to work!  You can be certain that your Heritage Collection knife will be a one of a kind masterpiece–one that you will be able to pass down to your children, and them to theirs as well.

Available Blade Styles

Check Below To Help Guide Your Heritage Knife Creation:

Heritage Collection Stories

The Dixon Heritage Knives

The 12 gauge had belonged to his beloved grandfather and for that reason, Tom Dixon could not bring himself to part with it. And sothe old double barrel stood decades of quiet vigil in the corner of a grandson’s closet.

Until…a chance conversation between a corporate executive from St. Joseph, Missouri and a young knife maker from Alabama changed everything.  Soon, the old gun’s stock was removed and shipped to Austin Legacy Knives where the wood was identified as walnut and respectfully repurposed into seven heirlooms that were subsequently shared with the entire Dixon family.

As Tom presented the unique gifts to his parents, brothers and sister, he spoke these words:  “Granddaddy’s gun is no longer in the back of my closet.  From now on, when you see this knife on your desk or on a bookshelf; when you run your fingers over the polished wood of the handle; remember that Granddaddy actually held it in his hands.

The Thomas Little Tensaws


Thomas Little of Jay, Florida was seventy-eight years old when he passed away.  His rich legacy included having pastored churches for most of his adult life.  Everyone who crossed his path loved Reverend Little, but none more than his two sons and his daughter.  They continue to treasure his memory.

Growing up, the children were taught to play ball” and the bat they used was the same one their father had used as a child.  As sometimes happens, the old bat was broken one day, but because of its family history, it was never thrown away.  The oldest son, Gilbert, kept it for years.  It was never used, of course, except upon the rare occasion when it was picked up and held for a moment of fond memories.  

No one ever suspected the broken piece of maple would ever be anything but “Daddy’s bat”.  That is, until Gilbert Little—now a businessman in Dallas—met Austin Andrews and found out about about the greatest gifts that could ever be created for his sister and brother!  

The three Tensaw kitchen knives carefully crafted by Austin for the three siblings are unique and useful works of art and perfect examples of ALK’s Heritage Collection. Gilbert said it best in a note to the young knife maker when he wrote: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  For you have created something I can hold in my hand that was near and dear to my dad’s heart!”

Let Austin Help You Tell Your Family’s Story

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