The Sidewinder


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Small and elegant, this slender pocketknife is perfect to carry just about anywhere. It is designed for light work and its narrowed razor point handles details with ease. An extremely popular gift, there is not a pocketknife on the market with the classic beauty of The Sidewinder.

With a 3.75 inch handle and an 2.75 inch blade of high-carbon stainless steel, The Sidewinder has an overall length of 6.125 inches. The Sidewinder pictured above was crafted with a handle of Box Elder Burl.

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Thuya Burl, Wenge, White Oak, Zebrawood, Yellow Box Burl, Mesquite, Walnut, Spalted Pecan, Red Oak, Purple Heart, African Pink Ivory, Osage Orange, Tulipwood, Maple, Mahogany, Leopardwood, Cypress, Coolibah Burl, Cherry, California Buckeye Burl, Box Elder Burl, Bocote, Black Ash Burl, Birdseye Maple, African Blackwood, Curly Koa, Brazilian Kingwood, Desert Ironwood

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