The Old Man


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From Jim Bridger to Daniel Boone to your grandfather, this knife has a style steeped in tradition. An object of simple beauty, its heft is sturdy and the blade razor sharp. The Old Man is a knife for the outdoors—as necessary as a compass and a good pair of boots. Be forewarned, however, about making this particular knife your only choice…

If you have more than one child, consider getting more than one of The Old Man. Then, through the years, use them all. One day, a long time from now (when you are hunting and fishing in Heaven) each of your by-then-adult children will want to be the one to have “Daddy’s favorite knife”. This way, when they find out you had several, everybody will be happy! It also comes with its own leather sheath.

Handle Material: Maple Burl
8.25” long

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Thuya Burl, Wenge, White Oak, Zebrawood, Yellow Box Burl, Mesquite, Walnut, Spalted Pecan, Red Oak, Purple Heart, African Pink Ivory, Osage Orange, Tulipwood, Maple, Mahogany, Leopardwood, Cypress, Coolibah Burl, Cherry, California Buckeye Burl, Box Elder Burl, Bocote, Black Ash Burl, Birdseye Maple, African Blackwood, Curly Koa, Brazilian Kingwood, Desert Ironwood

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