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Our most popular chef’s knife is fittingly named for the Tensaw River, one of the most beautiful and versatile in the world. Filtered by ancient cypress trees, this unique watercourse harbors shrimp, crab, redfish, and speckled trout—saltwater species—as they coexist with freshwater fish such as bass, bream, and white perch.

While this particular blade style has long been featured in restaurants and the finest home kitchens around the world, The Tensaw’s beautifully layered Damascus steel—paired with the handle material of your choice—places this knife in a category of its own. There will not be another item in your kitchen with as much eye appeal that you will enjoy as much and use so often.

With a 4.75 inch handle and a 7 inch blade of VG-10 multi-layered Damascus steel,
The Tensaw has an overall length of 11.75 inches and is pictured above with a handle of Spalted Pecan.

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Brazilian Kingwood, Curly Koa, Mesquite, Gaboon Ebony, Box Elder Burl, Cherry, Walnut, African Blackwood, Tulipwood, African Pink Ivory, Maple, Yellow Box Burl, Spalted Pecan, Black Ash Burl, Zebrawood, Leopardwood, White Oak, Red Oak, Bocote, Cypress, Birdseye Maple, Purple Heart, Wenge, Thuya Burl, Mahogany, Desert Ironwood, Coolibah Burl, California Buckeye Burl, Osage Orange, Maple Burl, Box Elder

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